Personal Training

Personal Training is designed to help you achieve your individual fitness goals. Our Fitness Professional focuses all their expertise and attention on YOU! We have access to a variety of different training methods and will select those that will best suit your needs. You will learn how to perform exercises safely whilst achieving results faster than doing it on your own. Your program is designed to ensure that we continue to progress your outcomes and re-evaluate your goals as your fitness improves. The personalised workouts are efficient to make the most out of your workout time.

You will first meet your trainer to complete your health and fitness consultation. We will also explore your goals and devise a plan of action to get you there! The benefit of having a mobile trainer is the flexibility to train at your convenience. The feedback from our clients is that meeting with their trainer helps them to stay motivated and accountable to achieve their goals.

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Benefits of Personal Training

  • It’s all about You!
  • Learn correct exercise technique
  • Work at your maximum fitness potential
  • Program is planned specifically for your goals
  • Provides variety to your fitness program
  • Track your progress
  • Helps to stay accountable and motivated